4 Handy Steps to Print from Chromebook to HP Printer

If you want to print your online form or any document direct over the web, you can use the HP printer for Chrome or Google Cloud Printer function to print from the Chromebook. You don't need to download any software or drivers from the HP official site or Google to print with the Chromebook. If you don’t understand how to set up your printer for cloud printing, you can ask the solution simply by dialing the HP printer support phonenumber. Otherwise, follow these steps to configure your printer correctly. 

Hp Printer

Step 1: Check your HP printer connection type
The print method can be different relying on whether your HP printer is connected with the USB cable or to the Wi-Fi network similar as the Chromebook.

Wi-Fi network connection: You can use the HP Print for Chrome app, which aids printing via the Chrome web browser over the local Wi-Fi network. You just need to complete the process to print over the local network or with Google Cloud Print remotely.

USB connection: You can also use the HP Print for Chrome app, which supports printing via the Chrome to the USB connected printer. Just connect the USB cable, and install the HP Print for Chrome app, and then continue with the on-screen instructions to allow the app. 

Step 2: Check your HP printer type
The steps to configure and register the HP printer for Google Cloud Print are varied relying on whether it’s an HP ePrint printer, Google Cloud printer, or a non-HP ePrint printer. If you already know the HP printer type, skip to the next step. Otherwise, follow this guide:
Search for your printer logo icon on the control panel. If it doesn’t have the logo or button, navigate to the Wireless Settings or Network setup menu to find the Web Service menu. 

         If you locate the Google Cloud Printer logo, it will indicate that your printer is ready. Visit the Resister your Google Cloud printer section.
        If you discover a Web Services menu or an HP ePrint logo, your printer aids HP ePrint. Check that the Web Services is activated, write down the printer email address and then try to go to the Register your HP ePrint-enabled section.
          If you don’t find any HP ePrint logo or Google Cloud Print, it isn’t a Google Cloud Printer or doesn’t support the HP ePrint. 

Step 3: Register your HP printer with Google Cloud Print
If you like to use the Google Cloud Print feature, you need to list your HP printer with Google Cloud Print from the Chromebook. Here’s how to register.

     Register the Google Cloud Printer-enabled printer. To use the Google Cloud Print function, register your printer with Google Cloud Print. Check that Chromebook is enabled and connected to the Wi-Fi network with an active web connection. 

       Register HP ePrint Printer. Similarly, with the Google cloud print, you need to register your HP printer with Google Chrome.

Step 4: Print from the Chromebook
You can now print your documents, images, web pages or emails from your Chromebook with the Google Cloud Print.

    Print a document or photo. You can print the photos and documents saved in the Drive, Google Docs or Files.
1.       On the Chromebook, launch the image or document you want to print. Click the ‘Print’ icon. A Google Cloud Print screen appears.
2.       Click the ‘Change’ option under the ‘Destination.’ A ‘Select a destination’ screen appears.
3.      Choose the printer under Google Cloud Print section. If necessary, change your printer settings and click the Print button.

            Print the web page or email. You can easily print emails from the internet services like Outlook, Gmail, web page, or Yahoo from Chrome.
1.       Open the Chrome web browser on your Chromebook. Access the web page or email you require printing.
2.     Click the browser menu icon and choose the ‘Print’ from the drop-down list. A Google Cloud Print screen appears.
3.       Click the ‘Change’ option under the ‘Destination.’ A ‘Select a destination’ screen appears.
4.       Click the ‘Change’ option under the ‘Destination.’ A ‘Select a destination’ screen appears.

However, if you face any troubles when you print your Google Chrome document on the HP printer, it’s advisable to call on the HP printer technical support number to obtain your all issues settled within a short span of time.


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