5 Handy Steps to Add Wi-Fi to an HP OfficeJet G85 Printer

The HP G85 printer doesn’t provide Wi-Fi connection support, but you can still add wireless capability to it. You can make your printer accessible to other systems on your Wi-Fi networks using a wireless router that can share a print server or USB devices. Even though, users can use the Office Jet G85 printer like they would access a USB printer connected directly to their PCs. This is an all-in-one printer so you can scan, print and fax over the wireless network quickly. While setting up the printer, you can also avail HP printer technical support to make a proper connection.

Hp Printer Support

Know how to add Wi-Fi to an HP G85 printer
The process of configuring your printer for wireless connection is quite simple. To add the HP Office Jet G85 printer correctly, follow these steps:- 

1.         Use a wireless router using the USB support like an Apple Airport Extreme or other routers that contain a USB port. You can also use the individual print server device if you have the router that doesn’t provide a USB port.

2.        Connect your HP printer to the router’s USB port using a cable rather than the USB port on your system. Attach its USB cable to the print server and then the printer server to the wireless router with an Ethernet cable of the print server if you’re using it.

3.    Turn on your router, printer, and the print server, if you have a print server. Install the wireless router or the print server software on your PC. You can get this program from the installation disc or the manufacturer’s website.

4.      Try to use the manufacturer’s software to connect to the HP printer over the Wi-Fi network. It makes the G85 printer accessible on your PC as a standard USB device. It works as if it were directly connected to the system.

5.      Download your HP printer software from the official site of HP and install it on your system. You can use the program as if your printer were directly connected to the PC.

Hp Printer Installation

Tips & Tactics:

While adding the Wi-Fi to your HP OfficeJet G85 printer, you must have the print server or a wireless router with USB support. Also, you can repeat the same process to install your printer on each system under the similar network connection. However, if you find any kinds of troubles when setting up your printer for wireless connection, it’s suggested to call on the HP tech support number and speak with the experts to get several issues resolved as quickly as possible.


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