6 Easy Steps to Install HP LaserJet 1018 Printer

The HP LaserJet 1018 printer is a monochrome machine capable of producing printouts at a speed of more than 12 pages per minute. It comes with many advanced tools, such as USB 2.0 connectivity, 2 megabytes of RAM, 1,200 dpi output qualities, an "EconoMode" setting and a 150-sheet main paper tray that helps preserve toner. This LaserJet printer is mainly proposed for the use of computers operating the Windows OS; HP doesn’t offer any customer support services for any versions of the Mac OS X in the case of any HP printer problems. The process of the HP 1018 printer installation is relatively easy; you can proceed with these steps.

HP printer problems

Step 1 – First and foremost steps is to insert the printer setup CD into the disk drive on your PC. The installation wizard will appear automatically. Continue with the on-screen instructions to install the 1018 printer software and drivers.

Step 2 – Find the paper input tray on the front section of your HP printer. Grasp the upper edge of the printer tray and pull it down. Open the paper tray. Find and lengthen the paper output tray, which is connected to the output bin on the upper of your printer.

Step 3 – Raise the front part of the output tray. Pull up the holder until the ink cartridge bay appears. Take the print cartridge out of its packaging and shake it from side to side to distribute the toner evenly.

Step 4 – Uncover the ink cartridge from packaging. Pull the ink cartridge down to the printer using the handle. Put the output tray back to its original place. Fill papers inside the tray and set the instructions on the tray warm against the ports of the paper stack.

Step 5 – Check the front section of your printer. Find the power port on the left part of the front section and the USB port on the right port. Connect the electrical cord to the power port and connect the USB cable to the particular port.

Step 6 – Connect the other end of the electrical cord into the outlet and attach the USB cable to the PC. Press the ‘Power’ button on the right corner of your printer to start the machine.

Once the printer installation process is finished, you can print a test page to confirm that your printer is printing correctly, and there is no issue with the print job. When installing the HP LaserJet 1018 printer, you should carefully handle the print cartridge. If you get ink on your clothes when placing the cartridge in your printer, use a dry cloth to clean it and then wash it in the cold water. Never try to wipe off ink using hot water as it can cause the ink to fix. However, if you have to face any printer problems during the print job, instantly call on the HP customer care number to get your issues fixed within the shortest time.


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